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To & From Gift Co.

Painted Daisies Seeds

Painted Daisies Seeds

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Made By To & From Gift Co - Based In Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  • Painted Daisies
  • ismelia carinata
  • Annual
  • Represents: New Beginnings
  • Contains: Approximately 25 seeds
  • Sourced sustainably in Canada
  • Organic / non-GMO
  • Perfect to slip into a card
  • Packaging is made from over 50% recycled content 

These bright and cheerful blooms symbolize a fresh start, encouraging us to embrace change and welcome the possibilities that the future holds. Revealing multicoloured petals in shades of red, pink and white, the painted daisy is associated with spring, a season synonymous with renewal and growth. May their colourful blooms remind you to let go of the past and embark on a beautiful new chapter.

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