Nice to meet you!

I know everyone is eager to hear what we plan to do with this building, and when we plan to re-open it. The short answer is "stay tuned", and the long answer is a twenty page document. So I'll try to give a medium answer here.

It is our hope to eventually bring back the things you loved most about this business, as well as adding a few of our own projects into the mix! But because it's been closed for over a year, we are having to start from zero as far as permits and licences go.

We know you've waited so long already to get back into the space, but we ask for your continued patience as we navigate that process. As soon as we (legally!) can, we are planning on having some popup events where we can continue to get to know you all.

Also, we are living in the apartment above the shop with our four cats! So even before we can re-open the doors, we are looking forward to being part of this wonderful community. Everyone we've met has been so warm and generous and kind.

The New Owners
I spent my 20's living in Nova Scotia (four years in Annapolis Royal, a year in Kentville, and then four years in Halifax) before I had to return to Ontario for work. I hated leaving the Maritimes, and I was always determined to come back as soon as I could.

Haritha grew up in Toronto, and his first visit to Nova Scotia was in September 2021. During that trip, he fell completely in love with the South Shore, and we immediately started making a plan to move here together. We arrived in the province in January, and have been living out of suitcases ever since, trying to find our forever home.

We are so happy that home is Port Medway.

I have been an ASL interpreter, a newspaper columnist, a political speechwriter, and the staff writer for a not-for-profit community and events space. I am currently working as a freelance campaign strategist for clients like Oxfam International and the Council of Canadians.

Haritha spent ten years in the hospitality industry in Toronto, eventually taking on management roles at busy bars and restaurants. Three years ago he launched a company called Temperance Tonics, where he produces alcohol-free cocktail kits and is soon publishing a recipe book.

Haritha and I have been daydreaming about owning this building from the moment we first saw the listing, and the fact that this dream has come true doesn't entirely feel real yet. We are so thankful for the support of Annabelle and Robie, and truly honoured that they feel we are the right people to continue to build on the magic they have created here. ❤

You can reach us at We will get back to you as soon as we can!