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When we first started daydreaming about buying this building, we knew we wanted it to be a spot for collaboration and community. In that spirit, we were thrilled to invite local catering company galeforce feasts to open up a restaurant in our space.

Run by Lori Gale, galeforce feasts specializes in international comfort foods with a playful and creative twist. 

And not only does Lori make some of the most delicious foods we've ever had, she also shares our commitment to creating a welcoming and vibrant community space.

The galeforce feasts menu changes every month, with special menus to align with special events. 

Our Wednesday through Friday menu for the month of July:

Our Saturday and Sunday brunch menu for the month of July: 

Lori also does all the baking for our shop — from grab-and-go sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday to some of the best sweet treats you've ever had every day of the week.

To see pictures of our most recent meal and baked goods offerings, check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts!