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Temperance Tonics

Major Arcana Tarot deck

Major Arcana Tarot deck

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This is a 22 card Major Arcana deck. It is our hope to create a deck that includes the the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana as well. If we do, people who already own this Major Arcana deck will be able to put the purchase price towards buying the full deck. 

To create The Temperance Deck, we took inspiration from the iconic Tarot art of Pixie Colman Smith.

Illustrator Cindy Fan has created a diverse and ethereal new world for these reimagined characters.

Whether this is your first Tarot deck or your hundredth, we hope our fever-dream narrative will help you explore new aspects of your imagination and intuition.

Each deck comes with a full-colour guidebook of background and inspiration, including a question to ask yourself as you look at each card. 

Tarot consultation by Maranda Elizabeth.

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