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Alicja Confections

Afternoon Tea Vegan Dark Postcard Chocolate Bar

Afternoon Tea Vegan Dark Postcard Chocolate Bar

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Experience the serene pleasure of a traditional afternoon tea elegantly captured in our premium 54.5% dark chocolate. Crafted to perfection, our "Afternoon Tea" is not just another chocolate bar; it is a blend of cherished memories, luxuriously smooth flavors, and an indulgent journey into a cup of afternoon delight - all wrapped in chocolate.

Our 54.5% dark chocolate bar, vegan and gluten-free friendly, offers a harmonious balance of depth and sweetness. Made from the highest quality cocoa beans, it embraces the bold, robust flavor that dark chocolate aficionados adore while still appealing to those with a taste for milder chocolate.

The real charm of this gourmet treat is in its unique design: each bar doubles as a postcard. Wrapped and ready to mail, it's an innovative and heartfelt way to send a message to a loved one. Sweeten their day with a taste of nostalgia and elegance that's as delightful as a warm cup of afternoon tea.

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